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What my First Deer Kill was Really Like

By Jack Knox, February 3rd, 2022

Jack Knox with his first ever deer kill, a red deer doe. Unknown Photographer.

What My First Deer Kill was Really Like

This is an experience piece written by dear friend, Jack Knox. He recounts a trip to northern Maine with his gun club. They were on a mission to fill freezers for a wild game dinner they host later this month. I think I’ll be able to relate when my first kill happens. I’m expecting a lot of butterflies and maybe even some TUMS in my future.

Opportunties for a First Deer Kill Through Club Membership

I have a good story to tell you guys, so I hope you’re ready. I belong to a very small gun club that maxes out it’s capacity to 100 members. I was luckily one of the few last September to be a member of the club. Being so new, I never thought I would get any amazing opportunities, such as go on an annual hunt in Maine.

Century Sportman’s Club can be found here at: https://www.centurysportsmansclub.org/

On a Wednesday night, shortly after snowplowing Logan International Airport, I got a call I never thought I’d get. I got offered to do a hunt at a private preserve in Maine to hunt red deer for a game dinner we are hosting in April. All expenses were paid and I couldn’t refuse the opportunity to go on a possibly once in a lifetime hunt, and get my potential first deer.

The Arrival to the Site of Jack’s First Deer Kill

That Friday morning at 9 AM, after working another snowstorm, I headed to my gun club to meet up with the four guys who were going with me. We loaded all of the coolers into my truck along with the luggage and there was a second truck we loaded up with what we were going to use that weekend. We arrived in Anson, Maine around 1 PM, about four hours after to a view. The mountains were like something out of a movie. We pull into the quarter mile driveway and to the right of the entrance of the four hundred acre enclosed preserve, we arrived at an A-framed log cabin. We unpacked and got ready go out on an afternoon hunt with the preserve’s owner and a guide he hired to help us hunt game.

Species Availability

The variations of animals are insane! They had buffalo, red deer, pigs, cows, rams and fallow deer. We got told what we are hunting, which were two deer and two pigs but we were only going for deer the first night. Two guys go out, and at the cabin, we heard the firing of a gun and an hour later, around the start of sunset, they come back with nothing! One guy shot, missed completely, the other took a bad shot and the animal escaped. Then I got told to go and try to get one. Mind you, I never shot an animal before this, especially a deer. So I got bundled up and got ready to go out in negative four degree weather.

Into the Woods for What Would be Jack’s First Deer Kill

We arrived to the woods in a side by side, the guy who shot poorly joined me. He went off to chase the blood trail and I went to go get a new deer. An hour an a half into the whole hunt, just before it got dark, we were waking short distances and hiding within the trees and saw a doe. You pay per animal at the preserve, but I didn’t have to because this was for the game dinner. The club paid all expenses. I aimed a .308 long rifle at the doe, took the shot and nailed it. It still stood, so I took a second and third shot because I missed. Then on the fourth shot, I hit my target and it dropped. I was shaking like a leaf and hyperventilating as this was my first ever kill. I was the only one to get a deer that whole weekend, and the first in the seven years that my gun club has gone, to kill one on the first day.

Taking Away Priceless Memories from Jack’s First Deer Kill

That trip was the best I have ever been on. We played cribbage all night, laughed, shot guns outside, and made friendships that will last a lifetime. Not a moment was uneventful. We had gorgeous views, amazing food and tons of laughs. Getting my first ever deer that weekend will be something I will tell my future kids and grand kids and I can’t wait to go back with others and see them do the same.


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