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What Do You Really Get for an $18.00 Bow Stand?

By Derek Benoit, December 31st 2021

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One of two HME bow stands I employ at the rage and at home. Photo by Derek Benoit

Cutting to the Chase of an $18.00 Bow Stand

What do you really get for an $18.00 bow stand? I’ll tell you. I don’t have much room for elaborate bow holders, nor do I have the family approval necessary to place such in the living areas. Thus, I have a couple of bow stands that I use not only for practice, but also as bow holders for tight spaces. For $18.00, you get a functional stand that can travel reasonably well (albeit a bit awkwardly) and does the job as intended.

The Company that Built the $18.00 Bow Stand

Enter Hunting Made Easy’s Archer’s Practice Stand. It’s intended use is exactly what it seems. It serves its’ purpose well while at the range. When you’re done shooting your end, you place your bow into the forks, allowing gravity and leverage to do the holding for you as you retrieve your arrows. Or do whatever else it is you do at an archery range.

Not Perfect but for $18.00 Worth the Investment

The stand is is solid as far as the extruded pieces go. Unfortunately, they’re not exactly square. I’m sure that there’s variation in the manufacturing process, but it’s not a deal breaker. For $18.00, not sure that there’s room for complaint. Additionally, there could be a bit more weight in the bottom of the stand. Specifically, the stand can slide around some while you’re trying to place your bow in the stand, which defeats the purpose of ease-of-use.

Hot HME’s Archer’s Practice Stand

  • Retails for $18.00. Even I could afford 2. Enough said.
  • Get’s the job done
  • Will last for many seasons
  • Can double as indoor bow storage if now wall mounted bow holder available
  • Simple solution to awkward problem

Not HME’s Archers Practice Stand

  • Needs some extra weight to prevent stand from moving when placing bow
  • Need to double check position of finger nuts so stand sits evenly
  • A bit awkward to carry with all your other stuff to the archery range

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