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10 Archery, Life and Fitness Lessons for Transformation

Super Dad, Hunter, 3D Master, and Fitness Ninja

by Derek Benoit July 21st, 2021

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You, too, can make this kind of transformation! Courtesy of Theodore Hardmon

Born in Boston and spent his summers in Cross, South Carolina,

Theodore Hardmon learned to glean food through hunting and the outdoors. He passionately passes on these lessons in self reliance to his three children. He has a wonderful wife, who patiently tolerates a habit of collecting of compound bows.

*Questions 9 and 10 center about favorite bows and Theodore’s advice for picking the right one for you. You can do more research here at . I have no financial or affiliate relationship with archery talk.

1.) You’re an ace with a grill. You’ve posted lots of pictures of barbecue, sauces, and I’m
sure at least some is wild game. What got you interested in wild food?

The price of meat and trying to eat cleaner.

2.) What kind of benefits are you seeing with adding wild game to your family’s diet?

My kids are growing and super healthy the same for me and my wife . Only meat we actually
buy is chicken in our house all the other meat has walked the land .

3.) In the past year, you’ve completely changed your body. You’ve dropped significant
weight, and added substantial muscle. What was the catalyst for making the change?

In 2017 my mother passed from stoke and seizures. We share the same doctor and I had
the same illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes , and sleep apnea. My doctor urged me to
get in shape or I too would have the same fate as my mother. Also not being abake to run
with my kids was weighing heavy on me and the though of one day leaving my wife to take
care of family without me scared me. So I got with a dietician and went full throttle.

4.) What was the routine you had, and how did you incorporate archery strength into this?

Well everything starts in the kitchen and that’s where I started. Cut my portions down and started
walking and riding my bike. Archery was already part of my routine since I compete so shooting
daily was regular.

5.) What resources did you use to put together the routine you used?

For my gym I’m blessed to have my big cousin Leroy Silas as my trainer. For years he
asked me to come in and let him train me. Once I finally got serious he put together a
regimen that not only helped with my weightloss ,but helped with my archery shooting .

6.) You compete in (I think) a couple of 3D leagues. What drew you to 3D archery?

I shoot my local tri County, New England asa championship series, and few others . I stated
shooting 3d as a way to stay in bowhunting shape. Great way to get out to shoot other targets
and places while practicing on my form.

7.) You have a blast posting pictures of the kids joining your workouts, and hanging
outside. What advice can you give to other busy parents about staying involved?

For me my kids motivate me and they also watch what I do. So I get them involved as I want to
pass it down to them . Make time for your kids if you have time to shoot or workout you have
time to get them into it. Remember to have fun with them these small things they will
remember as I did with my father ,grandfather and uncles.

8.) Massachusetts isn’t exactly known for being a major hub of hunting. Fishing, maybe.
How would you recommend interested parents introduce their kids to hunting and fishing
here and in other similar areas?

I would tell them check their state fish and game website and find hunter safety course.
Also check their local sportsman clubs they have many things for the youth to get them into
the world of the outdoors. Also hit the local archery and gun shops as they will have
information to clubs and other folks who teach and guide people .

9.) You are an avid bow collector. Do you have a current favorite?

Right now I’m favoring the 2021 pse evl 34 absolutely love that bow. But the runner up for
me is the Bowtech solution another smooth and fast bow.

10.) What’s the best advice you could give for a new bowhunter or archer looking to buy
their first brand new bow?

Go shoot them all and find what works for you . Don’t get caught up in the name get
caught up in how it shoots. It’s not the bow but the archer that’s shooting it!

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