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Powerful and Personal Coping Skill for Stress and Anxiety

By Derek Benoit September 15th, 2021

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Powerful and Personal Coping Skill for Stress and Anxiety was born years ago from necessity. It’s a method for acute stress and anxiety relief that I have used for years. So successful has it been that I haven’t had to rely on it much in the past few years. Will it work for EVERYONE? No. In severe cases of anxiety and depression it may not work well, but it’s a fantastic option to try!

Step 1: Recognize and Accept What’s Happening with Anxiety

  • Get yourself to as relatively quiet a place or area as possible-even a trip to the bathroom if needs be
  • Recognize when you’re getting frazzled and things are starting to pile up
  • Remind yourself that this happens to everybody, no matter how calm, cool, and collected they look
  • It’s totally normal for your body to react like this… it’s the fight-or-flight response kicking in
  • Give yourself a break… seriously

Step 2: Hit the Brakes on Your Anxiety

  • When you notice anxiety, worry, stress, whatever you want to call it, tell yourself (internally) to STOP
  • While doing this, visualize as vividly as possible a GIANT, BRIGHT, UNAVOIDABLE STOP SIGN
  • Repeat this as many as times to focus on yourself, not outside events

Step 3: Reverse the Effects of the Fight-Or-Flight Response

  • Start a breathing exercise with three repetitions (breaths in, and out) per “set”
  • Breathe in for a count of two-one-thousand, and out for four-one-thousand… drag it out
  • These are deep, deep breaths-you’re not simply expanding and contracting your chest
  • Expand your belly OUT, and DOWN while breathing in
  • Reverse the movement while exhaling
  • Repeat as many sets as needed until your heart rate slows down significantly
  • It could take 2 reps, it could take 20-whatever it takes

Prepare to Reset in a Calm State

  • Once you’ve calmed down to a noticeable and significant point do the following
  • Visualize as vividly as possible some switch or button
  • It could be a literal light or circuit switch you flip down to “off,” pause, then flip back to “on”
  • It could be something like that famous office chain’s big red button, except with “RESET” printed on it
  • Whatever it is, and however you visualize it, make it as strong a visualization as possible
  • When you press the button down and release it, or flip that switch off and on, literally “hear” the sound

Critical Points About Each Individual

  • If you’re giving this an honest try with lots of practice, and it still doesn’t work you should seek professional opinions
  • It’s never a bad idea to talk to your doctor or a counselor before OR while you’re trying this, either
  • The more more impact anxiety has on your everyday life, the more important it is to talk to a pro

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