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Outstanding Rain Gear Options for Fishing on Any Budget

By Derek Benoit August 25th, 2020

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Nothing turns a fishing trip sour like being cold and wet. Fortunately, one finds quality options at any budget level, for any angler. While the options below are by no means all inclusive, but give great potential solutions to this age-old problem.

Note: The product recommendations in this article are available and were researched via Bass Pro Shops-Cabelas, and Tackle Direct:

Considerations for Your Rain Gear Choice

Ability to Layer

Especially if you face a wide range of temperatures, layering is just as important for fishing as for hunting. Hence, having a little extra room can help tremendously. This is, of course, on top of body build and other factors of fit.

Additionally be aware that cold-weather specific designs are available. Bass Pro Shops 200MPH line is an example of such. The downsides to going this route is a higher price, and weight in warmer weather. Multiple rain gear sets solve this issue but the cost will add up quickly.


While materials have come a long way, no piece of rain gear moves air like a screen. Generally, the more breathable the material, the less rain proof a garment will be. With that being said, the more expensive models will typically be much better at allowing excess “steam” to vent through the fabric yet still keep you dry. As a result, you’ll feel far less clammy than with cheaper options.

Also keep in mind that the more physically active your fishing, the more important breathability becomes. If you have to hoof it with a loaded pack to reach most of your hot spots, this is clearly an issue. Consequently, you be prepared to spend more for the requisite advanced materials.

Pockets and Storage

Anglers are gear nerds. We carry tons of crap-I mean accessories, with most being necessary. Shore anglers must carry those accessories on their person. Thus numerous pockets help. Boat anglers will get away with fewer pockets, but certain items like knot tools, forceps, pliers, hook files, are often best kept in a pocket in easy reach.

Seam Quality

Inevitably, you must move in your rain gear. In fact, repetitive motions like casting, carrying gear, or simply moving around can put a surprising amount of stress on the seams. Additionally, know that water resistant, and water proof outer wear are sealed differently. Specifically, water resistant gear is typically seam-taped only in the hood, and the shoulder areas. Water proof gear is seam-taped at every joint of fabric. Look inside the the garment to be totally sure.

What’s Out There in Rain Gear Land

ItemPriceVendor Rating
Grundens Weather Watch Hooded Jacket$69.99-$104.99Tackle Direct NR
Grundens Weather Watch Bibs$89.99-$99.99Tackle Direct NR
Cabelas Guidewear Rainy River with Gore-Tex PackLite Parka$129.99-$139.99BPS/C 4.4
Cabelas Guidewear Rainy River with Gore-Tex PacLite Pants$99.99-$109.99BPS/C 4.5
Grundens Gage Storm Surge Jacket$119.99-$139.99Tackle Direct 5.0
Grundens Gage Storm Surge Trousers$114.99Tackle Direct NR
Guy Cotton Fishing Top $126.00-$138.60Tackle Direct NR
Guy Cotton Fishing Bib$135.00-$148.50Tackle Direct NR
Grundens Super Watch Anorak Jacket$154.99-$164.99 Tackle Direct NR
Grundens Super Watch Bibs $154.99-$164.99 Tackle Direct 5.0
BPS 100MPH Gore-Tex Parka$249.99-$259.99BPS/Cab
BPS 100MPH Gore-Tex Bibs$249.99-$259.99 BPS/Cab
Bass Pro Shops 200MPH Jacket$299.99-$309.99 BPS/Cab
Bass Pro Shops 200MPH Gore-Tex Bibs$249.99-$259.99 BPS/Cab
Cabelas Guidewear Xtreme with Gore-Tex Parka$259.99-$279.99 BPS/Cab 4.3
Cabelas Guidewear Xtreme with Gore-Tex Bibs$259.99-$279.99 BPS/Cab 3.7
Huk Hydra Reflex Jacket$240.00Tackle Direct 5.0
Huk Hydra Reflex Bibs$230.00-$240.00Tackle Direct NR
Simms Challenger Rain Jacket $299.95BPS/C 4.8
Simms Challenger Bibs $199.95 BPS/C 4.8
Gill Pro Tournament 3-Layer Fishing $349.00 BPS/C NR
Gill Pro Tournament 3-Layer Fishing Bibs$349.00BPS/C NR
Huk Leviathan Jacket$380.00-$390.00 Tackle Direct NR
Huk Leviathan Bibs $380.00-$390.00 Tackle Direct NR
Grundens Buoy X Gore-Tex Jacket$479.99-$499.99 Tackle Direct NR
Grundens Buoy X Gore-Tex Bib$449.99-$469.99 Tackle Direct NR

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