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Nepro Vs Novasource Renal: Battle of Renal/Diabetes/GI Supplements

A personal review by Derek Benoit June 2nd, 2021

View of the competitors from my kitchen table (the weigh in?)

Abbott Labs Nepro Versus Nestle Health Science Novasource Renal

NOTE: at the time of this writing, I DO NOT have a monetary relationship with either company or product featured in this article (but I’d be thrilled to get my preferred product and a sponsorship!)

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If you medically require some additional nutrition throughout your day, you may have heard of either or both of these products: Abbott Lab’s Nepro, and Nestle Health Science’s Novasource Renal. These are both high protein options intended to fill some very specific niches in the health nutrition arena.

Who Should be Drinking these Supplements?

Nepro and Novasource are specifically made for patients on dialysis or having chronic kidney disease. We need restricted potassium, phosphorus, and sodium solutions. Additionally these are also good supplements for some GI patients. Following my bowel re-sectioning surgery, I was given Nepro via my “J tube” feeding tube for nutrition for several days as the bowel began to heal. I’m familiar with Nepro going even further back, as it was a more renal-friendly option versus the Ensure and Glucerna drinks I was prescribed over the prior years for my gastroparesis.

Nutritional Specifics

If your concerns are protein, carbs, lower potassium, sodium, and phosphorus, (I’m looking at you, CKD patients and diabetics) here is how they stack up against each other; the winner in each category is highlighted in bold type. For this review, I assume that the consumer wants higher amounts of carbs and protein (higher supplementation) and lower amounts of sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. Consequently, we start with those categories:

Carbohydrate Control: (draw)

Nepro: Carbsteady

Novasource Renal: Carbsteady

Total Carbs

Nepro: 38 grams

Novasource Renal: 43.5grams


Nepro: 19 grams

Novasource Renal: 21.6

Potassium: (draw)

Nepro: 225 mg

Novasource Renal: 225 mg


Nepro: 170 mg

Novasource Renal: 195 mg


Nepro: 250 mg

Novasource Renal: 225 mg


Nepro: Homemade Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Mixed Berry       

Novasource Renal: Vanilla, Café Mocha, Strawberry

Check out other reviews online. Nearly every review mirrors my own experience. Hands down, Novasource tstes. I’ve had all of the Nepro flavors and two of the Novasource flavors (vanilla, and café mocha). I can’t say that Nepro tastes “bad.” It’s that Novasource Renal tastes that much better. I enjoy drinking it and look forward to it, whereas the Nepro experience is more “meh” and transactional. If it’s what I have on hand, I drink it when needed. If I have the Novasource on hand, I drink that first every time.

Overall Winner

Per serving, Novasource Renal gives an equal amount of potassium, less sodium, more protein, and more carbohydrates. These carbohydrates affect blood sugar more slowly in both drinks because of the Carb Steady feature. Better overall nutrition is complemented by, again, in my opinion, superior and very enjoyable taste.

Ultimately the decision is up to you, and your doctor. For me, I’m loading up on Novasource each month. It better meets my needs, and its consumption is a much more enjoyable experience. Consider me sold.

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