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Need a Target Bow for 3D and Indoor? Check out this setup!

By Derek Benoit, December 31st

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My indoor and non-hunting class target setup for 2022. Photo by Derek Benoit

This is what I came up with for an “affordable,” aka not brutally expensive indoor and 3D bow setup. Please bear in mind a few things here: I strongly prefer short ATA bows. Such means that a 34 inch ATA bow IS a long bow-for me. That being said, IF I do get to go out west in fall of 2022, I could easily swap out my hunting stabilizer and be very, very happy shooting reasonably longer distances (practice allowing). Another important detail is that this NOT meant to be for use in hunter class competition. In such, you’re limited to a 12″ stabilizer, if memory serves me correct. Finally, I’m a newbie to archery and am accustomed to hunting rests. I’m just not comfortable with a target-style rest just yet.

Prime Nexus 4

  • More comfortable ATA for me than flagship target bows
  • More affordable than most flagship target bows
  • This could also be a GREAT bow for hunting out west
  • Not super fast but doesn’t have to be
  • VERY smooth I can shoot this all day vs my hunting setup
  • Accurate
  • 2021 price $1,199

CBE Engage Hybrid Sight

  • Single pin by choice-I prefer multi pin for hunting situations
  • Solid
  • Metal sight tapes available
  • Reasonably priced for high-end at $299.99

Bee Stinger Freestyle Competitor Stabilizer Kit

  • Entry- to mid-level stabilizing solution
  • Weights get expensive if you need a lot to balance out your bow
  • Durable investment
  • Identical kit (28″ and 12″ sidebar) costs retails for $315.99

Hamskea Trinity Hunter Pro Rest

  • More rest than necessary for me
  • Full capture security for “first timer”
  • Still a hunting rest, which I like
  • Retails for $199.99

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