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My Powerful and Easy Technique to Stop Stress Buildup

Dererk R. Benoit August 8th, 2021

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This technique is one that I’ve used often in the past to manage stressful situations. My powerful and easy technique to stop stress buildup may not help everyone. However, for the majority it becomes a valuable tool with practice. It requires strong visualization skills as well as the ability to recognize when stress is accumulating quickly or beyond a reasonably level. Consequently, the more you try it, the better you’ll get at it. I have not had to use this much in the past several years despite the uncertainty and discomfort of so many health issues. Such is evidence of dramatic progress!

When You Notice Stress Building

Step 1: Recognize

Your first priority is to recognize and acknowledge that you’re feeling the pressure and anxiety. Specifically, this is your biological fight-or-flight reflex kicking in. As a result of this natural stress result, your body secretes a variety of stress hormones that prepares and fuels your body for a potential fight, or mad dash to safety.

Step 2: Hit the Breaks

Next, you need to literally force your body to STOP going down this rabbit hole. Literally picture as vividly as possible a giant stop sign, and tell yourself to STOP. This prepares me to begin the “calm down” process.

Step 3: Defeat the Fight-or-Flight Hormones

When you start to experience the F-o-F response, your heart rate jacks up, your breathing can become rapid, and you can find yourself tensing in anticipation. You need to slow this process down first, before you can reverse it’s effects. consequently, it helps to re oxygenate your blood to slow your heart rate. Do this through the following actions.

  • Find as quiet a spot as possible: your desk, a breather outside, trip to the bathroom, whatever it takes
  • Close your eyes
  • Take a series of three, DEEP belly-expanding breaths using a count of two-one-thousand in, and four-one thousand out
  • Do not simply expand and contract your chest- REALLY let you belly expand OUT and DOWN as far as possible
  • Repeat this series of three breaths as many times as necessary- it could be two reps, or twenty, situation depending

Step 4: Prepare to Reset Your Mind

As with the stop sign, this require strong visualization. Consequently, this will require much practice. Additionally, it’s best to practice this in proper sequential order with the other steps.

  • CLOSE your eyes and picture as vividly as you possible, every detail of the clothes you wear. Yes, this is important.
  • Visualize yourself as vividly as possible activating some device associate with change
  • Visualize yourself using a switch: literally flip it “off,” PAUSE, then when ready, flipping the switch back to “on.”
  • Try the image of yourself literally pressing a button. Picture the word “RESET” on something like that famous office chain’s red button, down, holding it down until ready, then releasing

What I noticed AFTER Getting Good at this Drill

After practice of this sequence, I was able to quickly calm myself down. Thus I was able to return to making good decisions and taking positive action. That’s the whole point of this exercise. Consequently, the more you practice, the better you get. Also, I noticed it takes fewer and fewer reps of the breathing sequence to return to “normal.” Again, this takes time and practice.

If this DOESN’T Work for You:

I strongly suggest that you start looking up stress management resources. Specifically, exercise, hobbies-as-a-reward, and time with family or friends, are all options. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to notify your doctor. Especially important is to prevent the situation from getting worse. Another potential warning sign is if you currently find yourself in such a stressed condition often.

If it affects the quality of life, it probably needs intervention. Never dismiss the option of professional therapy. Important to note is that health insurance through work or other sources usually has a list of providers and resources available to you in network. Just as importantly, they have information on gym memberships and discounts, wellness programs, and other resources.

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