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My New Favorite Short Neck Release: Stan PreferX Thumb

by Derek R. Benoit November , 2021

What’s included with the PreferX, in a nutshell. Photo by Derek Benoit

My New Favorite Short Neck Release: Stan PreferX Thumb, give you an uncompensated, ubiased review of my loves, dislikes, and impressions of this very capable release. Trust me, I don’t exactly have sponsors pounding on my door, offering free stuff to use, or try.

If Looking for Favorite Short Neck Release, This one MAY Check all the Boxes

The Stanislawski Archery Products PreferX Short neck is to this point, my favorite archery release. It’s not cheap, but it’s feature rich, allows the same draw length-speed advantage as other short neck releases, is SOLIDLY built, and endlessly adjustable. Seriously, anyone looking for a new thumb trigger archery release should at least borrow one to try out. Probably most important of all, is that it’s reliable. Specifically, I have ZERO fear of this thing letting go prematurely-none. Set the tension as light as you like and you’ll still be hard pressed to live in fear with this release. I tend to lean a bit more towards “sure” on the release tension side of things, but even I find myself decreasing such as of late.

The only REAL Negative for ME

The only real negative comment I can come up with is that the short neck does not have the option of full capture, as with the long neck version. That’s it. Now, to be totally transparent, the long neck versions have a spring loaded feature built into the full capture system, so that could explain the necessity of the extra length in such a design. However, I argue that the spring system isn’t so valuable as to eliminate the full capture variant into the short neck lineup. Harumph.


  • Ridiculously adjustable thumb nob options: two sizes of nob, five lengths of peg to play with, all included
  • Easy to adjust trigger travel screw
  • Easy and reliable trigger sensitivity
  • Interchangeable extensions for 3 and 4-finger shooters
  • There’s a setting to achieve 100% confidence SOMEWHERE in this package for you


  • Short neck version not available with a full capture option-no hanging off the D-loop
  • Distance advantage of short neck versus long neck models is only 1/4″-most draw lengths vary by 1/2″
  • May feel a bit light for some experienced shooters
  • Quality and customization does not come at a budget price-but yes, I’d buy it again

To Order A Stan PreferX Short Neck Thumb Release, please visit:

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