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Motivation During Recovery for Outdoorsmen & Women: My Game Plan

by Derek Benoit May 25th, 2021

NOTE: I do NOT have a monetary relationship with any site, publisher, or company mentioned or listed in this article!

Build up Your Knowledge Base

The Whitetail books and magazines I already have… I’m looking to add these and a few other elk and western big game books to my collection. The same goes for the turkey hunting books.

***If anyone has suggestions for great books on elk, western big game, upland bird hunting, and waterfowl hunting, I’m all ears!***


Mapping Trophy Bucks- Brad Herndon

Field and Stream: The Total Deer Hunter Manual- Scott Bestful & Dave Hurteau

The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, & Cooking Wild Game- Steven Rinella

The Complete Book of Wild Turkey Hunting- John Trout Jr.

Outdoor Life-Complete Turkey Hunting- John E. Phillips

Elk Hunting the West Revisited- Mike Eastman

Public Land Elk Hunting- Matthew Dworak

The Modern Elk Hunter- Todd C. Wilson

Peterson’s Hunting

Peterson’s Bowhunting

North American Whitetail

Back Country Hunters and Anglers


Being a New Englander near the coast, this list will certainly lean toward the saltwater. Included are some fantastic surf fishing reads. While I’m healing up and getting stronger, I’ll be reconnecting to my freshwater roots, chasing bass and panfish with light and ultralight spinning gear. This will be a blast!

***Any good suggestions for great books on trout and salmon fishing, by fly rod or other tackle, send them my way! I’m always looking to learn!***

On the Water (three editions: NY, NJ, and New England, and covers both fresh and saltwater)

Fishing Fundamentals (InFisherman)- Wade Bourne

The Largemouth Bass Book- Don Oster*

America’s Favorite Fish Recipes- Peggy Ramette and Dick Sternberg*

            *Part of The Hunting and Fishing Library set

Offshore Pursuit- John Unkart

Sportsman’s Best: Baits, Rigs, and Tackle- Vic Dunaway and Rick Ryals

Sportsman’s Best: Offshore Fishing- Jerold “Buck” Hall

The Art of Surfcasting with Lures- Zeno Hromin

The Hunt for Big Stripers- Zeno Hromin

The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Bucktails- William A. Muller

Fishing the Bucktails: Mastering Bucktails from Surf and Boat- John Skinner

Surfcaster’s Guide to Baits, Rigs, and Lures: Over 50 Time-Tested Baits, Rigs, and Lures-and How to Fish Them- Milt Rosko

The Complete Book of Saltwater Fishing- Milt Rosko

Fishing the Cape Cod Canal- D. J. Muller

Fishing the Massachusetts Coast- Captain John Gribb

Flyfishing Boston- Terry C. Tessein                    

Learn New Skills:

Archery: The Ultimate Resource for Recurve and Compound Archers-the physical strength training and practice has to wait until fully cleared by doctors! I’m VERY eager to get back to it and rebuild my practice volume!

I’ve got a Mathews V3 27 (won’t be in for another 10-12 weeks, insert sad face) and a Prime Nexus 4 (maybe 4 weeks, happy dance!) coming this summer. I will start out shooting and shooting and shooting some more with the Nexus 4, which will be my 3D and indoor target bow. Depending on how much I like it, I may decide to bring this out west, should I be fortunate enough to be able to get out there the following year. The V3 will be my whitetail bow come the fall! Looking forward to saddle/tree stand and ground blind action, but that’s ONLY if the physical recovery and general archery training plans stay on track!

Building a fishing rod: my current build is a 9’ light surf rod for small plugs and bucktails, but you can build for whatever species and techniques you prefer!

How-to videos on (no relationship!)

Also check out:  Lots of VERY experienced builders to help guide you here, and you’ll likely find a builder to match any technique or species you might be targeting. Always worth a look!

Lure Building/fly tying: I haven’t built lures for a while (they would never win any beauty contests!) but there is great satisfaction in landing a fish on something you created with your own hands. Plus, you can tweak it to swim or perform exactly as you like, for the waters you fish. lure building forum

Preparation for Upcoming Adventures

Pre-tying leaders and rigs:

Tie up a couple of dozen leaders, rigs, or whatevers, for your most often employed style of fishing, and you’ll never be caught unprepared for another trip!

Stock up on favorite handmade lures/flies: If you turn, carve, or tie your own, stock up on your favorites, and throw a couple of new creations into the rotation for testing!

Sharpening and changing hooks: anything that’s not up to par should be switched out. A pair of split ring pliers, some appropriately-sized hooks and split rings is all you’ll need to breathe new life into your favorite lures.

E-scouting public lands for hunting: check out sites like The Hunting Beast

Wild Game and Fish Recipes:

I will leave this blank, and likely come back to it as a separate post at a future date. Culinary curiosity is one of the main reasons I became interested in hunting. Unfortunately, I cannot do any justice to wild game fans as I do not have much knowledge of solid recipe books to reference. I would love to create an expansive list of excellent wild game and fish books to share. Any and all suggestions will be welcome!

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