Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Killer 2022 Hunting Bows from $500-850 That Meet Every Need

Mid priced hunting bows that will save some cash and raise your game in the deer woods this year.

by Derek Benoit February 18th, 2022

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Budget running a bit thin? These mid priced bows will have plenty of thump in them for your style of hunting. Photo by Derek Benoit

KiIller hunting bows from $500-$850 that meet every need is a guide for anyone who doesn’t have the budget for flagship price tags but wants a capable bow for the woods. With these bows, you can pursue whitetails, gobblers, or get downright western. To better help newer archers (like me) get a sense of what’s out there to fit their needs I listed a gamut of bows with specs covering the below:

  • Draw lengths under 27″
  • Draw lengths over 30″
  • Axel-to-axel length under 31″
  • Axel-to-axel length Over 31″
  • Light weight bows (under 4lbs)
  • Bows available in Left Hand


This list of capable bows is proof positive that one can buy an effective, feature-rich bow without spending flagship dollars. The bonus is being able to afford quality accessories, camo, rain gear, optics, and other necessities for your hunting adventures. No longer is budget a limiting constraint for obtaining a serious hunting rig that will fill your freezers and add some bling to your walls.

ManufacturerModel Price USDAxel-to-Axel Length inchesBare Bow Weight lbsDraw Weights Available Draw Length Range inchesAvailable Lefty?
Bear Escalate749314.145-7026-30Y
Bear Whitetail Legend Pro 559303.845-7026-30Y
BowtechCarbon Zion699313.350-7025.5-30.5Y
DartonCyclone SD599304.040-7024-28Y
Elite Basin54932.3753.920-7016-30N
Elite Terrain649323.945-7025.5-31.5N
HoytTorrex XT899304.040-7025.5-30Y
HoytTorrex XT LD899304.040-7028-31.5Y
PSE Altera XS64929.6753.845-7025.5-31N
Quest Centec469324.440-7025.5-31N

For more information or to purchase any of these great mid priced bows, please visit http://lancasterarchery.com or your local archery pro shop!


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