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Helpful Lessons from My Anterior Pelvic Tilt Physical Therapy

Expert Treatment for my Case of Duck Butt

By Derek Benoit August 4th, 2021

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My Brief Evaluation Timeline for “Duck Butt”

  • Evaluated by Katherine Bragg, PT, DPT
  • Initial Evaluation at BIDMC Lexington July 23rd
  • Second PT Appointment July 30th

The Takeaways from Initial Evaluation

firstly, my ATP is likely caused in part by my anatomy. This means that it will never go away. However, it can be overwhelmed by strengthening muscles of the lower core and hips. Also noticed were some relative weakness in hamstrings and in the hip flexors. Oddly, the left, dominant side hip flexors were noticeably weaker than the right. Additionally, a weird gate exists with my right leg. This essentially means pushing off at an angle. Such is like an ice skater’s push-off. The left side is more normal in motion. There is also some overuse of the left leg, possibly a result of the gait issue.

Exercise Progression Prescribed Week 1

  • Posterior Pelvic Tilt-Pelvic Clock at 12
  • Single Knee Extension
  • Bicycle-unsupported
  • Dead Bug

Observations Week 1

  • I was strong enough that I started out with the single knee extension.
  • I found the bicycle and Dead Bug to be pretty hard. So, ended week 1 with 3 60 second “practice” holds of the Pelvic Clock at 12 position as a warmup. Secondly, 10 alternating holds of the Single Knee Extensions for 10 seconds. Finally I did the same for the Bicycle, working up to 8 alternating 10 second holds.
  • Honestly, I struggled with the Dead Bug. Still, it will be a warm up this coming week. The holds were likely longer than necessary.
  • While mechanics, I was forced to back off speed by 20%. Moreover the extent of speed drop might be because of overtraining. Getting used to the new form is tough, but getting it’s better. Consequently, there’s little heel striking at all. Thus, it’ll be best to keep the speed down as my body adapts.

Exercise Progression Prescribed Week 2

  • Alternating Dead Bug Ball Squeeze
  • Lying Hip Flexion-using band

Obeservations (so far) Week 2

  • I’m starting with fewer and shorter sets. Thus less overtraining to thwart treadmill stuff
  • I feel noticeably more stable, on and off treadmill
  • My lowest abs feel “braced” most of the time
  • My stomach below the ostomy is much tighter and flatter
  • It’s easier to hold my hips forward and “track” straight with my legs
  • Casual walking has less shock because of more level foot impact
  • Even though the exercises are harder, I feel less soreness afterward


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