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Hunting While Pregnant (How I did it) by Holly Overman

Shared with permission by the author, Holly Overman, this is another excellent personal detail of experiences common for pregnant hunters. Ladies,

you can still hunt safely during your pregnancy! Lots of great examples of hunting while pregnant done the right way!

Posted 2/2/2021


Hunting While Pregnant-by Holly Overman 


As the 2017 deer season grew near, I set new goals with high expectations. There was a certain buck that I wanted to harvest and I wanted to help restock our freezer as well. When opening weekend came, something didn’t feel right. That following week I went to the doctor and got confirmed that I was pregnant. I knew right then that both my season and our lives were about to change. 

The next few weeks, I endured the morning sickness, even in the afternoons at times. Yes, I wore my harness in the stand to keep from falling when I’d lean over the side. I always packed snacks with me to nibble on like: peanut butter crackers, jerky, and Little Debbie cakes. I also carried water with flavoring packs to keep hydrated as well.

After awhile I began to notice how quickly I was getting tired walking out to the stand. Climbing the 20 feet up with my pack on was getting tough too. Even my harness was getting a bit snug as my belly bump grew. Due to those reasons, I was grounded from a stand to a blind.

There were many days that I lacked the drive and motivation to go hunting due to the exhaustion and sickness. Somehow I managed to make myself go every time for the possibility of seeing a good buck. In time I’d start to feel a little better being surrounded by nature.

When I was 16 weeks pregnant, I finally had a decent buck come out. I shouldered my Thompson Center .243 and when he walked out in front of me bout 60 yards I made him stop then pulled the trigger. He jumped, tucked his tail, and took off over the hill. I named him the Twilight Buck by the timing of his appearance.





As the temps got colder and my belly grew bigger, more changes had to be made. I learned a few techniques that helped me continue hunting. They are:

  • Keep snacks on hand
  • Take breaks when needed
  • However you hunt, try to be comfortable
  • Be aware of how you move and lift your gear
  • Stay hydrated during both warm and colder hunts
  • Stand and move often, especially when it’s cold
  • Above all else, listen to your body and don’t over do it.


When turkey season came, I used those same techniques since I was in my last trimester by then. I knew chasing after gobblers was out the question, but at least I could still hunt. However sitting in a blind waiting for them sure gets boring, but my squirming bundle of joy kept me entertained.




The further along I got, the more exhausted I became waddling to and from the blind. I was getting slower and taking more breaks to catch my breath. Once I hit the 37th week, I was put on restrictions so my season was over. Yes I wanted to keep going, but I had to do what’s best for me and our unborn baby.








No matter the challenges that I faced, I enjoyed every hunt that I could. Sure I had to make some changes and be more aware of what I did, but I didn’t let it stop me. In a way I shared those hunts with my baby boy, even if he’ll never remember it. It just goes to show you that you can do so much even if your physically limited.


-Holly Overman

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