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A One-Two Punch to Beat Archery Grip Torque

by Derek R. BenoitJanuary 28th, 2022

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Try this combination to kill bow torque! Photo by Derek Benoit

A Bowsite to Minimize Archery Grip Torque

IQ Bowsights has been around for a number of years and has earned respect for it’s unique torque solution: Retina Lock. This funky optical alignment aid is a unique solution that teaches your eye to recognize misalignment with your aim caused by torque-manipulation of the bow grip with your hand.

My Experience with the IQ Micro 5 Pin Bowsight

  • Easy setup- Sight-in the 20yd pin, then the Retina Lock, then rest of pins
  • Easily allows eyes to detect any torque applied to grip
  • Once set up, no mistaking quality of alignment
  • Effective tech without a hefty weight penalty
  • Also available in standard 0.19 pin sizes

For more information on IQ bowsights please visit

A Simple Training Device to Eliminate Archery Grip Torque

I’ve been working with Don’t Chock Archery’s Tru Shot Coach grip trainer for a few weeks now. I’m impressed with how much easier it makes the archery learning curve. As with golf, it all starts with the grip. Consequently, if you get it right, your progress can be quick. If you get it wrong, you’re going to drag out the times in which you struggle. Moreover, I’m holding onto this little gadget for the long haul.

My Experience with the Tru Shot Coach Archery Grip Trainer

  • Several weeks now of personal use
  • Genuinely takes the bow grip out of palm
  • Minimizes hand-induced manipulation
  • Meaningfully tighter groups even at short range
  • VERY inexpensive training aid
  • Love the fact it’s made here in the United States

For more information on Tru Shot Coach training aids, please visit

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